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Vale Roger Garrett

Vale Roger Garrett

Good a,noon on this very sad day

Roger was a legend in his own time – I had the pleasure of serving with Roger , at HARMAN (59)  and then we were both a COONAWARRA (60)-

One night , the OIC , LCDR “Rocker” Robertson had the L/PM Hoogwerth do a check on cards etc and find out who was not there –as you know the OIC’s house was right on the corner and some dick , made such a racket with his car, it kept him and his wife awake

Along with the late Alan McRae, the late Bill Malouf, Roger and myself , we got caught as we were over at The Log- poor Roger got a blast from Rocker (that is a story in its self) but the worst was, FOICEA would come up from Sydney and do a Annual Inspection, and your locker had to be left unlocked for a inspection. He opened Roger’s and a little field mouse ran out – FOIC EA, his Flags, the CO of MELVILLE, etc crapped themselves –

Roger when he got a few ales in , he would think he was an Italian Tenor and give us his version of a song – also a version of dancing on a table

I left to be drafted to the UK and it would probably be the last time I saw him at my “send-off”except at your Get Togethers , and he would be in the group photo,  this has really knocked me

He will be sadly missed and another of our era has now gone to the big BWO in the sky

RIP mate



Tony/Ruwie/Simmo/Shags  and all thank you for your messages of his passing

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Vale Roger Garrett

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